Autocad at Peak Solutions College

Become a professional CAD designer, having a great sense of integrated knowledge of computer-aided design, it enables you as a drafter to take an edge in today's competitive global economy. The course will enable you to draft 2-D drawings and 3-D models. It will also facilitate you in taking data, specifications & sketches and produce precise drawings that will serve as a visual and technical guideline for the Customer.


Duration:3 Months

SECTION1 ✔ Basic Concepts of Designs
✔ Fundamentals of AutoCAD
✔ Creating and Modifying Objects
✔ Understanding of Scale
✔ Layers and Text Effects
✔ Architectural and Mechanical Drawing
✔ Isometric View
✔ Conversion of 2D Drawing into 3D Drawing
✔ Detail Construction Drawing
SECTION 3 ✔ Sketchup 2017
✔ Details Modeling Exercise
✔ Exploring the Sketchup Interface
✔ Learning how to use Sketchup tools
✔ Sketchup house construction details
✔ 3D Interior designing
✔ Camera animation & rendering

Duration : 2 Months, 6 Days a Week
Architects, Draftsman, AutoCAD Operator, Model Maker, 3D Visualization