Bike Offer

Peak solutions college is back with another amazing offer for its students. Studetns who just got free from their matriculation examination can take admission in any Computer Short Course and get a chance to win a
Peak solutions care about its students and want to admire their talent so learn and win at the same time.
(this offer is vaild in all campuses of Peak solutions College except  Lowermall campuses)
every campuses will have seperate lucky draw and will give seperate bikes and other prizes. there are no hidden terms and condition just take admission in any short course and you will enter the lucky draw.  

Free pre first year

PEAK SOLUTIONS GROUP OF COLLEGES offers Pre First Year Classes to the result awaiting students who have completed their matriculation. Students can take admission in any short course and get pre first year classes completly free of cost. students can learn new skills through short courses and start thier intermediate at the same time.
This is an opportunity for these students to get an
early start at their intermediate preparation.
Through these pre-classes students get acquainted with their intermediate syllabus and are able to stay ahead in their knowledge.
Pre First Year Classes are free at Peak Solutions Group of Colleges as they allow students to secure their seats for admission in regular intermediate
Fee concession to the Pre First Year Classes.
 After Regular Admission in Intermediate students can get 100% free Short courses till they are a studying in Peak Solutions Group of Colleges.