Spoken English at Peak Solutions College

This course is designed especially for those who want to express their feelings, views, and thoughts in a way which combines a set of skills including verbal and non-verbal communications, attentive listening, thought process development, ability to manage the stress in the moment, and the capacity to develop impressive accent and pronunciation that would recognize and understand your emotions..


Duration:3 Months

SECTION 1 Breaking the Barriers of Hesitation & Shyness
Pronunciation Sound of English
Voice & Accent with Accent Reduction
SECTION 2 Grammatical Structure
Past, Present & Future Tense Practice
Group Discussion
SECTION 3 Business English
Oral & Written Communication Skills
Body Language -Dialogues and Interviews
SECTION 4 Presentation Skills
Pre & Post Presentation Secrets
Guidelines For Oral Presentations
Communication Skills
Publicly Speaking (speech on Dice)
Dialogue And conversation

Duration : 2 Month, 3 Days A Week
Students, Professionals and every individual
Who want to get a Language Confident.