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Not only will you get a grasp on Python, but you’ll also be taught the fundamentals of computer science and the theories behind programming, including variables, operators, data structures, error handling, and data structures.

Learning objectives

  • This class will go over the basics of Python coding and more advance concepts like APIs, resulting in a certificate upon completion.
  • Use python in artificial intelligence and machine learning implementation.
  • Learn machine learning to develop a program to make better decisions based on data it consumes.


Pre-requisite for Python training program is:

  • Basic knowledge of any programming language
  • At least 4-6 months of employment experience

Course Outlines

Development Environments
Source Control
Web Frameworks
Template Engines
Web design
CSS Frameworks
Web Development
Task queues
Static site generators
Web APIs
API creation
API integration
Web application security
Virtual Private Servers (VPSs)
Web app deployment
Operating systems
Web servers
Wsgi servers
Continuous integration
Configuration management
Serverless architectures
Web app performance
Final project

Course unique Features

    • Extensive Live Training


    • Practical Based Classes


    • Complete Content Coverage


    • Live working on individual sites


    • Individual guide for all the participants

Who Can Take This Course

      • • Students


      • • Professionals


      • • Freelancers

Future Prospects

• IT Start-up
• Software House
• Web Developer
• Digital Agency
• Team Lead/IT Manager/Head
• Freelancer


Fee Structure

Months Fee Plan
At the time of Admission 1st Installment 50% and Admission Fee
1st week of 2nd month 2nd Installment 50%