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The RPA certification program designed by Codeworking is to help you master RPA processes and become a professional RPA developer and implement automation solutions.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this program, you will have a hands-on understanding of independently developing Bots for your processes, understanding of RPA architecture, platforms and other components.


Pre-requisite for Python training program is:

    • At least 4-6 months of employment experience
    • Basic programming knowledge of any development language (C#, .Net, VB, Java, etc.) is useful.

Course Outlines

Introduction to robotic process automation
Industry implementation of rpa
Getting started with uipath automation
Ui automation and system activities
User events and data scraping
What are user events and common user events?
Excel, csv and mail automation
What is data scraping and types?
Workflow ocr and citrix automation activities
Pdf automation demo without ocr
Introduction to pdf automation
Pdf automation demo with ocr introduction to ocr activities pdf automation using ocr demo on ocr activities
Programming, debugging and exception handling
Errorful demo
Programming activities
Debugging and exception handling
Uipath orchestrator
Demo, run through the orchestrator
Orchestrator overview
Create an orchestrator account
Connecting a robot
Create an environment and associate the robot
Publish a package
Create a process from the package
Run a robot and examine logs
Schedule and run an unattended robot
Final project

Course unique Features

      • Extensive Live Training


      • Practical Based Classes


      • Complete Content Coverage


      • Live working on individual sites


      • Individual guide for all the participants

Who Can Take This Course

        • • Students


        • • Professionals


        • • Freelancers

Future Prospects

• IT Start-up
• Software House
• Web Developer
• Digital Agency
• Team Lead/Manager/Head
• Freelancers


Fee Structure

Months Fee Plan
At the time of Admission 1st Installment 50% and Admission Fee
1st week of 2nd month 2nd Installment 50%